Vinyl Shutter Control Rod - 24 Inch
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These vinyl control rods are used with part GSP025, GSP026, GSP057, GSP075 and GSP076 shutter vane connectors (CONNECTORS NOT INCLUDED, they must be purchased separately)

***Please note, this control rod is not compatible with part #GSP033, GSP064, or GSP065***

The control rods are 24 inches long and off-white in color.  Each control rod comes with 2 individual end caps (Part #GSP052)

Control rods can be cut down to the needed length or painted to match your existing control rods by you, the purchaser  

**This is a newer style vinyl control rod.  The profile may not exactly match your existing control rods, but is similar to many other vinyl shutter control rods 


  • Item #: GSP030

Vinyl Shutter Control Rod - 24 Inch

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