Plantation Shutter Louver Kit- 3 1/2" Wide X 36" Long
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This replacement louver is made from a synthetic material. It is a smooth finish and is currently an off white color.  

This louver is intended to be cut down to shorter lengths and can be primed and painted, by you, to match your existing shutters. 

It is not recommended to use this kit to replace a louver longer than 24".


This is an elliptical louver that is 3 1/2" Wide X 36" Long.

Kit Contains:

(1) 36" Long Louver  

(3) 1/4" Crown X 1" Shutter Staples

(3) Nylon Louver Pins

(3) Spring Loaded Louver Pins

Detailed instructions are included with purchase.

**Please note that you will need to drill the holes for the staples and louver pins which requires 1/16" and 9/64" drill bits.


  • Item #: GSP068

Plantation Shutter Louver Kit -3 1/2" Wide X 36" Long

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