Plantation Shutter Control Rod-36 Inches Long-3 Inch Spacing
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The measurements of the rod are 5/8" X 1/2" X 36" long.  

This rod will accommodate shutters with a 3 inch staple spacing

**Important**                                                                                                                Measure from the middle of one staple to the middle of the next staple on your existing control rod. (See diagram above)  

The distance must be exactly 3", if it is not, this control rod will not work for your shutters.**

This control rod is made from a synthetic material and is currently an off white color.  

The rod can be cut down to a shorter length or primed and painted, by you, to match your existing shutters.

(12) Shutter Staples 1/4" Crown X 5/8" are included to attach the new control rod to your louvers.

  • Item #: GSP035

36 Inches Long - 3 Inch Spacing- Shutter Control Rod

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